Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're really not as big as we think

Astronomy was my first and only class of the day started at 11:45 am and finished at 2:25 pm. I had a little ray of hope in me this morning that it would be a short class, being the first day and all, but my prof proved me wrong. She announced at the beginning that it was going to last the full duration. The only painful thing about today was my extreme hunger; I ate breakfast at 10 and forgot to bring a snack for class. Thankfully I didn’t have the rumbles, but making food was the first thing I did once I got home. 

In the introductory, my prof said about three or four times how much she loves Science and teaching it to non-science major students. This relaxes me because she’s not expecting everyone to be geniuses and will hopefully be understanding when something confusing comes up! I hated taking Science in high school, but for some reason I decided to take Astronomy is university. Overall, it seems like it’s going to be an interesting and fun class.  

One of my favourite things about this professor, besides her witty comments, is how she negatively attacks the theory of 2012. Without hesitation too. She was saying how her calendar ends on December 31st and then she’s going to buy a new calendar for the next year. She, much like myself, is not worried about the upcoming years and the supposed “end of the world”. 

She also introduced a class voting system, that might actually prove to be effective. Letters A-D are printed on a sheet of paper and we use them when answering multiple choice questions as a class. She gives us a question and we show her our answer with these letters. We went through a run today and she made sure that we place it up to our foreheads or it didn’t count. I’ve never used a system like this, but it should be better at helping those people who are unsure about something. 

We also watched a video about the size of the Universe. First, Pink Floyd's Shine on you Crazy Diamond was chosen as background music for the opening credits. And second, the creators decided to compare the ever expanding size of the Universe to the growing popularity that was the Numa Numa video.

I'll try posting the video links that were shown in class today once they're uploaded to the school's online website. 

I enjoyed being back in the school atmosphere and seeing students fill the hallways and congregate around the plant wall. I even saw a couple people that I knew which made me excited for this upcoming year. I also made the effort to climb the spiral staircase in Guelph-Humber’s main foyer; a must for anybody walking in that building.

I don’t have any class tomorrow as Wednesday’s are my day off. 

Note to self: use a washroom on a different floor at break time. It seems that everyone has the same idea as me. 

Yours truly.   

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