Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I told myself in September I would take things slow and not rush into a committed relationship

However, four months later I am proud to announce the newest addition to my life - an iPhone 4, with 32 GB of sweetness at my disposal.

This past summer when I switched over to Koodo, I thought a sketchy flip phone would be able to tie me over for the next little while. I couldn't justify owning a Smartphone and had no intentions on buying one till I graduated from school.

Let's just say, I think my past self was missing a few screws.

I finally decided that now was the time to upgrade; "go big or go home" as I always say.

It's so nice not hearing the "clicking" sound the buttons make when you press down on them.

It's so nice to check my email from my phone... Not that I get much, but I can still appreciate the convenience. One day...

It's so nice not staring at a tiny screen when I open my phone. Instead a get a sleek interface that I can slide my finger across. Hours of fun in itself.

It's so nice to finally be able to take decent looking pictures. Which I can send to others AND email to myself.

It's so nice to look like I know what I'm doing with my new phone, but really I'm just lost.

I WILL conquer the iPhone 4.

For now, here I am enjoying Christmas and the iPhone all in one photo!

yours truly

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