Friday, November 6, 2009

Motion Sickness: 1, Kristina: 0

I ended up puking in the bathroom on the coach bus when I was coming home from Toronto tonight. For some stupid reason I decided to take the 4:30 bus, knowing in my head that traffic was going to suck. It was nothing but stop-and-go traffic as soon as we got onto the Gardner Express Way which sent my stomach into whirls. 

Everyone knows that I have a major problem with motion sickness. I have to face a certain way on the subway, I can't go on any rides that spin around in circles, riding in the back seat of a car is starting to bug me, and I can't watch any video that is shot in the style of home movies. Cloverfield is an example. 

By the time we got into Oakville my stomach couldn't take it anymore. I knew I was going to puke. Thankfully I made it in time to the bathroom or else I would never be able to get over the fact that I puked into one of those garbage bags on the bus. I honestly felt 10 times better afterwards. It was great. 

I killed two bird with one stone on that bus ride: 
a. I've never used a bathroom that's on a moving vehicle
b. I've felt nauseous from car rides, but never to the point of actually puking. 

I'm starting to think that my motion sickness it getting worse. Please let me be wrong. 

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