Thursday, November 26, 2009

Toronto adventure #2

I was supposed to go downtown to Kensington Market last Friday (Nov. 20th) with my photography class for another field trip. Instead, I decided to stay home and read 'The Book of Negroes' - 471 pages outlining a the life of a slave as she travels around the world - so that I could finish my essay that was due on Monday. It took me around 10 hours to read and highlight the entire book and yes, I did get my essay done.

My original intention for today was to leave my house around noon so that I could have all afternoon to photograph. Never happened. It rained cats and dogs the entire morning/early afternoon. Around 2:30pm the weather finally cleared up, so I gathered my camera and some money and was on my way to catch the city bus that takes me to the subway. 

There are only two times that I hate the city bus:
1. mid-afternoon when everyone normally finishes class/work
2. when the temperature cools down and the bus driver decides to blast the heat

I felt like I was going to puke everywhere it was so hot and uncomfortable on that bus. 

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I was riding the subway. I rarely get out of the house unless I'm going to class or to the library to do work. Even then it doesn't sound that exciting, does it? Anywho, I'm always full of excitement every time I leave Etobicoke and adventure somewhere. You never have the same experience twice. It's awesome. 

Bubble burst #1:
It started to rain again once I got off the subway.

Bubble burst #2:
I walked in the wrong direction once I got off said subway. Thankfully my friend Leviana was just a text message away and guided me in the right direction.
While I was walking down Spadina, I got a little discouraged that I hadn't found Kensington yet so I turned down some random road. Here are my findings:

I texted Leviana again and she told me to keep walking down Spadina and I would eventually find myself at the Market. This woman speaks all truth. 

I found myself in many vintage stores. And I tried on some fun things, but didn't buy any clothes or accessories. Although I'm pretty stoked about my one find... Jethro Tull's 'Aqualung' on vinyl that I bought for five dollars. It's in pretty good condition too. I cannot wait till Christmas break when I have access to a record player again. 

I had no idea what I was going to photograph once I got to Kensington. I find this is always the best though. I love going in 'naked' and letting the area take over me. Since it was pretty much nighttime, I decided to shoot 'Kensington at night'. There's only a couple shots that I'm completely satisfied with, but it was a different learning experience. I regularly photograph during the day so this was a nice change. 

Bubble burst #3: 
I didn't run into one street-meat vendor when I made my way back to the subway stop. I've always taken the time to stop and buy a delicious hot dog before boarding the train, but today that didn't happen. 

This made up for it though... 

A 7/11 consumed the corner of Spadina and Bloor St. so I went inside in search of one thing, and one thing only. A banana slurpee. And they did. And I happily bought one and drank it on the subway. A nutritious supper. 

Kensington Market has not seen the last of me. If I don't make it there before I head back to Port Colborne, I will be making a special trip during the Christmas holidays to pay my respects. 

Yours truly. 

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