Sunday, January 24, 2010

Always appreciate the little things in life

This story happened over the Christmas break while I was sitting in the waiting room with my grandma at the eye doctor...

Mama (my grandma) and I patiently sat in the waiting room of Dr. Ventresca's office for my grandmother's name to be called for examination. We waited about 30 minutes and sat listening to each other exchange stories that happened recently. I love when Mama tells me stories about her life, whether it be about her childhood, teaching, or her family, as they all seem so interesting. I swear, half the things she's done or seen, I probably won't experience in my life time.

Finally a female voice called out, "Myra" and I sat alone while my grandmother walked towards the examination room.

An elderly woman sitting to the right of us turned to me and said, "My mother's name was Myra. I haven't heard that name in many years and when I heard it now, it reminded me of her." I gathered that her name was Violet when she was called for the pre-examination by the nurse. We both smiled at each other, ending our conversation, and I watched her face light up in what I hoped to be Violet reminiscing about her mother.

Mama eventually finished her eye exam and as she was reaching for her coat, Violet motioned for my grandmother's arm and pulled her close to whisper her tale.

Although Port Colborne is a small place, I doubt Mama or I may ever see Violet again. And if we do, will we remember what she looks like? Either way, I love how we have the ability to positively affect a person's life without trying. It reveals a sense of power that can never be taken away from us or replicated by a machine.

Yours truly.

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