Sunday, January 3, 2010

I just realized that there's a huge salt stain on the back of my pant leg. I hate snowy weather.

While the majority of my friends start school tomorrow, I still have an entire week off before I start second semester. Although I decided not to work this week and relax a bit more, I know the next five days will go by extremely quick. There are still some unfinished goals:

- birthday shop for my mom
- start/finish my portrait assignment for my studio class
- organize my room
- beat Pokemon
- apply to the city of Port Colborne so that I can hopefully (hopefully) get a different job for the summer of 2010
- edit past photographs
- watch movies

And I really want to go tobogganing. 

To kick off my last week home, my mom and I went shopping at the Pen Centre to return the final reject Christmas presents. Yes I know that it was snowing really badly outside, but we still went anyways because we're dedicated! Or stupid... take your pick. Nonetheless, driving on the snowy roads was good practice for me because I hardly ever drive in this dumb weather. At the mall I picked up 'Pulse', a recorded Pink Floyd concert on DVD, and bought two dresses and a shirt from Dynamite. My clothes are currently in the washer right now, as I never wear new items without them being washed first, and I can't wait to wear them! I'll have to make up some kind of excuse to go out so I can flash them in public. 

Oh and one final note, it has finally stopped snowing in Port Colborne. And we're having pizza for supper. 

Yours truly.

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