Saturday, February 27, 2010

Question: If you went to the theater hoping to watch the first Boondock Saints, but when you got there the staff told that they were given Boondock Saints II instead and you had a choice of which one to watch, what would you do?

The correct answer would be to watch the second movie. Unless you haven't seen the first one... then by all means.

Bunny and Tyler had just finished watching the Canadian women's curling team take silver medal before they picked me up from the St. Catharine's bus terminal. When we got back to Bunny's place, we finished watching an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation, and saw Canada snipe a gold and bronze in the men's short track speed skating. We also watched the bobsledding and loved the intensity of the one male commentator. He certainly loves his job.

The movie started at midnight, so we left a little after 11pm to make a 7/11 pit stop before heading over to the theatre. I bought mango peach Bubbalicious and was taken by surprise when I bit into the gum and gooey stuff came out of the inside. It wasn't a bad taste, I just wasn't expecting it. It was quite good actually.

So there we were... sitting in the theatre, when one of the staff members walks in and informs us of the situation. They were shipped the 35mm of Boondock Saints II, instead of the first one, and we had a choice of which one to watch. They would play the second one in the room we were in and would play a Blu-Ray version of the first movie in a different one. I think there were only two guys who left to watch the first movie.

I was honestly a little skeptical before watching the movie, but I loved every bit of it. There was quirky humor, an awesome shower scene with the brothers (not together, but I wish) and some good slow motion action. There were also some references from the first movie tied into the plot. And of course, there was some awesome Irish music

After the movie ended, all three of us agreed that it really made us want to watch the first one. Although it doesn't trump the first movie, it's still a good follow up that makes you fall in love with the MacManus brothers all over again.

Which brings up the final question: Which brother would you choose, Connor or Murphy? As much as I would love (love) to have both, my heart lies with Connor.

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