Monday, May 10, 2010


I signed up for a membership with the YMCA this afternoon. I'm bored of running on my treadmill at home so I thought I would take advantage of the gyms that are in the area.

I used the gym after I signed up and I really like it. There's plenty of machines so you aren't stuck waiting around for someone to finish their workout and the gyms, where they hold classes, are huge! If I'm not tired after work tomorrow I'm going to the Zumba class which starts at 6pm. Ashlee and Leviana: you should see the size of this gym... it's probably 5 times bigger than the one at school! I'm pretty excited and since it fills up quickly, I'm going to make sure I show up extra early so I get a spot in the front.

Their camera wasn't working to take my picture for m
y membership card so they gave me a temporary sticker...

I'd say it's a pretty accurate representation of me. I do love dogs. Especially cute ones that have pink noses and a wicked smile.

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