Friday, October 9, 2009

Dodging and Burning

My photography assignment for last week required us to take five pictures and dodge and burn them using Photoshop. In other words, changing the exposure of selected spots to make them darker or lighter. Since they could be pictures of anything, I decided to stick to a theme instead of having five randomly picked images. The Humber Arboretum was the first place that came to mind so I asked my friend Leviana if she wanted to be a model for me and she said yes. So here they are. 

It's probably not that noticeable without the original print right beside it, but dodging and burning helped make the picture look more natural. For example in the last picture with the red umbrella, the trees in the background were extremely dark. Using the dodge tool, I decreased the exposure to make the trees lighter, allowing for more detail to be seen. I don't usually edit my photos in Photoshop, but this is something that I may consider for the future. 

Yours truly. 

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    awesome job pretty!
    happy thanksgiving xoxox