Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legal Beagle

It seemed like yesterday that us four cousins sat in that booth at the Winchester Arms celebrating my brother's 19th birthday. It was July 2006. Together we reminisced about past memories and thought about the new ones that were to be made once I became legal.

I've been 19 for three days now and I honestly don't feel any older. I guess I expected bells and whistles and the whole kit and kaboodle to go off as soon as the clock switched from 11:59 to 12:00 midnight. We get used to being a set age for 365 days that one day is just too short for us to realize that we are a year older. Most people don't even believe me when I tell them how old they are. I actually had a woman ask me what year of high school I was going into. Eee.

Maybe the legal feeling will sink in ONCE I AM OFFICIALLY CARDED SOMEWHERE. I got carded once the entire day and that was at the casino... and they card everyone. Although Mr. Cheerful security guard, who was actually the happiest man, showed me a great surprise: he swiped my license through this machine and it read, "Happy 19th Birthday!".

I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders on Friday. I have high hopes for the upcoming year, unless I travel to the States where it seems like my past birthday didn't exist. I look forward to those dirty clubs, those concerts where all you smell is BO and weed, and those packages of cigs that I won't be buying.

I want to thank my brother, my two cousins, the bartender at Planet Hollywood, and everyone else who was somehow involved in my birthday for making it an epic night. 19th birthdays mean free drinks, awful beer, intense dancing/singing, and advice from strangers who encourage you to, "Stay a lady".

Yours truly.

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  1. awe i love the part about the security guard and his surpise! haha that's too cute kristina :) xo glad to know you had an amazing birthday! when i'm legal we must go out!