Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lightning Strikes

Almost every lightning photograph that I've searched reveals the precise moment when the bolt comes into contact with something. I thought I would document something different...

Okay, that's a lie. Truth is, I've never made the effort to go out in a storm. The potential is there, I just haven't accessed it yet.

I had been watching the storm from my bedroom window a couple weeks ago and found it quite marvelous to see my entire backyard glow with every flash. The shadows looked like they were dancing with each other; disappearing and reappearing in intervals of mere seconds.

I was currently involved in my "brainstorming week" as my mind was exploring possible photography ideas to be tested by my future self. I set up my camera, the lovely Nikon D300, on my tripod and positioned it in my darkened room.

These photographs illustrate what I'll call a little bit of luck and good timing as bright flashes emerged while the camera was exposing. I'm not overly pleased with the compose of them. It was more of an experiment to see what I was capable of doing in the midst of a thunderstorm. Perhaps someday I will venture out and retrieve my very own lightning bolt.

Note: I zoomed in on my camera with the last picture and I was able to read the temperature on the thermometer... It was 22 Celsius that night.

Yours truly.

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