Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Set the washing machine to quick wash

I can't recall the last time I had such success with my shopping in one day. It seemed like everything that I needed, or wanted for that matter, ended up in my line of sight. 

For starters, my mom and I found sheets and a mattress cover to fit my bed at school. The total cost ended up being quite reasonable since I am sleeping on a King size mattress this upcoming year. THEN we found a plain, white bookcase at Home Depot that was exactly what I was looking for. I plan on painting it and decorating it in some way so that it doesn't look so bland. We'll see what happens once I figure out the theme for my room!  

My mom and I decided to eat a real lunch, as opposed to the fast food lunches, once we hit the Pen Center. We ate at the London Arms, where we found our new food love. It's called a Cobb Salad. Both of us had never tried it and upon reading the description thought we would go ahead and try it. My mom's justification being, "It's my vacation". It's actually turned out to be one of the greatest salads that I have ever eaten! I described it as being, "A sandwich turned into a salad". 

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Lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, shredded turkey, roast beef, and ham, sliced hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese topped with sundried tomato vinaigrette come together to make up this refreshing salad. 

Today's shopping was centered around taking my birthday presents back and finding replacements. I managed to find a pair of navy blue cords, on sale at Smart Set, and I am just crazy about the colour! I found two bras, which required no hassle when I tried them on, from La Senza. I thought it was going to take a while, like it normally does, but today I was in and out of the change room in no time at all. I also found a mustardy yellow purse that extends long enough to sling over my shoulder from RW & Co. 

My mom had been talking about getting lunchbags from Sears, but I had no idea why they were so special until I saw them. Are you ready for this? They're lunch bags that look like purses on the outside! They have a lining of cooling material on the inside and purselike qualities on the outside. I was in utter shock and I had to get one for school next year! 

I also managed to get some useful information about a cell phone plan that I should have got in the first place. It's a student plan which allows me to talk and text to 10 people without getting any extra charges. I've had nothing but bad memories and constant struggle with my cell phone this past summer so I'm glad that I was finally able to interact with a real person rather than a telephone voice. Happiness. 

Last purchase of the day was a pair of blue jeans from the Gap.

Now I know most people are not crazy about the Gap, but it's so hard for me to find jeans that fit nicely and feel comfortable. It's been many a year that I've been able to put on a pant and feel like a million dollars. They aren't exactly the perfect jean as the legs are too long, but nothing a little hemming can't fix! I actually can't wait until I wear these jeans... I don't think I've been this excited about clothes in a while!!

I've always loved shopping at the end of summer to buy clothes in preparation for the fall. It's a nice way to start off a new school year in style :)

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Yours truly. 

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  1. This may sound totally creepy...but when I read your writing I can picture you saying it! I love everything about the way you write talented lady :) Oh and your description of that salad made me so hungry bahaha and now I want a cool lunch bag .... <3