Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I miss food

My surgery went well this morning! I look like a chipmunk and one side of my face has swelled more than the other which is kinda funny. I swear it only felt like a second that I closed my eyes and awoke again to find it all done. When I awoke, the doctor kept telling me to keep my eyes open, but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.

My mom took a couple videos of me looking around the room, staring at the heart monitor and the lights, and a picture of me flexing my biceps. Apparently I had a conversation to her about my fingernails.

When we got home, I remember playing the warmer and colder game with my mom when she was picking out my pajamas. However, I don't remember getting changed or walking downstairs to the TV room.

I napped for a good hour and woke up to a pile of drool all over my shirt. I then watched five episodes of "Freaks and Geeks" and the Montreal vs. Washington hockey game and a bit of the Blue Jays vs. Boston baseball game. Throughout the day/night, I proceeded to drool all over myself because it hurt to swallow my saliva.

Total number of hours of TV watched today = over eight hours. I go four months of not having television at my house in Etobicoke and make it all up in one day. Awesome.

All I ate today was lime Jell-O and applesauce. Tomorrow I will be able to eat some mashed potatoes and maybe some soup.

I might watch some more "Freaks and Geeks", but I'm starting to read the first Harry Potter book tonight so I might do that instead.

So on that note, good night!

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