Friday, December 18, 2009

Let me stand next to your fire

I played Pokemon Yellow for three hours last night. I played it beside my mom while she was in bed watching TV and then I finally moved to my own bed and played till 12:30am. I thought it was only 11:30pm when I looked at the clock... boy was I wrong!

I already got the first badge, the Boulder Badge, from beating Brock in Pewter City. I made the mistake of sending my Pikachu out first against his rock Pokemon because I could only use 'Quick Attack' and it was doing little damage. I later realized that my Butterfree's 'Confusion' attack killed Onix in three shots. *note to self for future reference*

My next plan is to venture into the underground caves. I have to manage my Pokemon wisely once I go inside because there isn't an easy escape route where I can revive my little guys. I have at least four or five potions stocked up, so maybe I'll resort to those if I need to. I fear the Jigglypuffs and Clefairys because they have the 'Sleep' attack. It's so annoying. 


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