Sunday, December 13, 2009

My brother and I are watching Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. We can't help but recite the entire movie.

My game plan for the night was to sit on my couch, play Pokemon Red on my GameBoy, and just relax. The idea popped into my head on the car ride home and as usual, I got my hopes up. 

I haven't used my GameBoy since my family and I went to the East coast back in 1998 so I really should not have expected much from it. I turned on the console and watched as the game's intro music played, but no picture came up. We tried turning it on and off and even put the cartridge in his GameBoy. No dice. My brother and I are venturing to Welland tomorrow afternoon on a search for a GameBoy and other old video games. 


So instead of playing Pokemon, Tyler and I played COD: Modern Warfare after supper. I'm getting better at my aiming and can actually kill people. I couldn't play for long because my motion sickness started kicking in. We then switched to N64 and played Super Smash Bros. Naturally he handed my butt to me in a hand basket, but I managed to kill him a couple times. We then battled a couple trainers on Pokemon Stadium when Tyler got the amazing idea to watch Ace Ventura. On VHS. 

We used to watch this movie all the time as kids. We would always say "Alrighty then" and bend over and talk with our buts. Tyler also reminded me that we used to rewind certain parts of the movie and watch the same scene over and over again. We also realized that this is one of the movies that we frequently quote. Dear Jim Carrey, why can't you still be this amazing? 

This is honestly one of my favourite movie scenes of life: 

Also. My dog showed numerous levels of excitement when I walked in the door. My mom trimmed her face yesterday and she looks absolutely adorable. 

And the movie just ended. 

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